Client Feedback

Meera Patel - PT Client: " I have been training with Victoria/Viks for the past two years and I can honestly say she has improved my stamina and general health ten fold. Viks goes above and beyond to ensure that you get the very best out of each session, and she teaches you all the tips and tools so that you can continue training between sessions at the gym or at home. I can’t recommend her enough! "

Margy and Keith Moulds- PT Clients:  "We have been working with Victoria for several months and the change in our fitness has been amazing. She is always encouraging and each session pushes you to achieve more."  

Bethan Flynn - PT Client: "I cannot recommend Vikki enough. Having recently had a baby I was struggling to get back in shape but Vikki changed all that. I thoroughly enjoyed each session the hour just flew by with every session being different. I had total body workouts but emphasis on my problem areas. She was also very flexible to my restricted schedule with my little one. Not enjoyed working out so much and now much more body confident."  

Tracy Downes - PT Client: "I have been training with Viks just under 3 months now, the change in my body shape is amazing. Viks has tailored my workouts to my needs, she is a great PT always on time and motivates me to push myself beyond my comfort zone for great results, love her." 

Natalie Williams - PT Client: "I have been training with Victoria for over a month now and really enjoying the programme's she plans for me as it changes each week so it means it never gets boring. I have already started to notice the difference in my body shape. Victoria pushes you so it makes it worth while but at the same time makes it fun." 

Joanne Marshman-Spiers- PT Client: "I look forward to my weekly sessions with Victoria. The sessions aremotivating, challenging and programs change every week so they never get boring. I have already started to see a real difference in my body shape after 5 sessions. My back feels stronger and no more back ache and my upper body has become much stronger. Victoria's availability is flexible and she will accomodate you graciously if you need to rearrange your session. Victoria is knowledgable and supportive. A top notch PT that I highly recommend." 

Beth Boxall - PT Client: "Several months after the birth my second baby I needed to get into back into shape. Usually "allergic" (apart from casual running) to exercise I've never set foot in a gym, or class, and had no clue what I should do to target the various parts of my body crying out for attention! Vikki has been working with me for a few weeks now and I'm very pleased with the progress so far. She is brilliantly motivating but also thankfully non-judgemental! She encourages you to both push yourself and to sensibly recognise your current limits. Be warned, her sessions are addictive!"

Thanks Vikki, feeling very satisfied after my sessions and starting to feel those stomach muscles I thought had disappeared forever! 

Julie Wellcoat - PT Client: "I asked for all over body conditioning and that is exactly what I got! No week is the same and is mixed up with weights, fitness stability ball, circuits and Yoga. 

Vikki has a warm, professional and upbeat style that means i trust her and get the most out of my tailor made sessions.  

Having 2 young children i needed flexibility on times and days i could complete my programme. This was not an issue and Vikki happily slotted me into times to suit us both. Vikki definitely gets results and I work far harder with her than I would on my own. I feel more toned and much healthier. Go see Vikki! 

Tara Spencer - PT Client:"Fantastic,  extremely motivating, hardworking and fun. Personable and approachable. Everything you want in a PT. Never had so much fun working out."